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A hair extension incorporates new human hair into your natural hair using a resin bonding applicator system. Robert James Color is one of the only places on the West Coast to offer this all-natural application method. Extensions achieve bright highlights without the use of damaging chemicals and lowlights that last longer than those achieve through chemicals. Extensions are easy to wear, sleep in, wash, cut and style. Simply treat them like your own hair. Hair extensions last three to four months. They are a versatile, temporary way to create a more glamorous head of hair with minimal effort and expense. Hair extensions help with a range of hair problems. They can be used to add vibrant color, new length or volume.

Consultation and non-refundable deposit equal to half of quoted price is required before booking an appointment.



What type of hair extensions does Robert James Color use?
RJC uses all-natural hair extensions. Robert James prefers these extensions because they are made from 100% European human hair and require a unique, organic resin application process that is not harmful to the hair or the environment.

Will extensions damage my hair?
No. In fact, even fine and damaged hair can become healthier if you are wearing hair extensions because they protect your hair from curling irons, blow dryers, styling heat and environmental damage. Due to a unique application bonding system, the extensions are easily removed. This is unlike many hair extension methods that bond too tightly to your hair. The old method may lead to breakage during the removal process.  Robert James Color hair extensions are joined to your natural hair using a safe, all-natural, resin-based application system.

Will the hair extensions match my natural color?
Yes, Robert James Color hair extensions offer custom hair color blending. With over 35 natural hair color options to select from, we can match virtually any hair color. Because the hair is not pre-bonded, we can use five different colors in each tiny hair extension section. This creates the most natural and believable extension possible.

Are hair extensions uncomfortable?
Our extensions are applied in small smooth seals. Most clients don’t notice any difference between the hair extension and their natural hair.

Are extensions used just to make hair longer?
Our hair extension system is designed to create the most natural looks imagined. Our hair extensions are used to create length, volume, thickness, and to correct hair color. Clients often request temporary clips or bright colored extensions just for fun. This is all accomplished without the use of harsh, unnatural chemicals. The system allows you to create a fashion statement by quickly changing your look every season. Extensions are also a great solution for women and men with thin and thinning hair.

How do I maintain my extensions at home – between salon visits?
Robert James and his associates have been fully trained on how to educate clients to professionally take care of hair extensions at home.  We will recommend hair care products, brushes, combs and appliances for home use. Hairstyling is very similar to how you style your hair without extensions.